Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long time No post!

Whats up Bloggmates!!

Its been awhile!

Sometimes life just gets in the way.... what with the new job... & the holidays.... & family stuff I feel like this is the first time in many weeks that I have gotten to really sit down & spend sometime here!.... So I am gonna make this post short & sweet...

There are LOTS of changes going on at Bada Blingg, starting with possible passing of the new lead regulations from the CPSIA in regards to handmade childrens products, which means that I will no longer be creating products for kiddos... :( I am so sad! If this law passes its going to shut down millions of small buisnesses. We will know if the law passes Feb 10th 2009. If you want to keep getting fabulous pretties for your little ones go HERE and sign this petion.

BUT on the plus side, it has forced me to finally launch my adult line of Bada Blingg... which is really funky fresh & very cool!! Sneek Preview coming soon....

If you are wanting a custom childrens piece you MUST place your order with me before Feb. 9th! Just email me at

So thats it for now kiddies.... dont be a stranger, I know I wont! ;)