Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Big Push North...

The rains came today. FINALLY.

And finally I can sit and sip and type. Not that any of that really matters seeing as how the last time I was in this tiny corner of the interwebs it was May, and I was starting to make the biggest decision of my adult life.

Sorry Ive been gone. I should have told you I was taking a hiatus, that I needed a break from everything. I needed to regroup and gather all my energy, because The Big Push North was beginning to happen.

So here we are now... rain simply pouring outside my window, and inside my little cottage house, we are planning and packing to move 1600 miles away.

To start a new life.

1600 miles away. {did I mention it was 1600 MILES}

Ive never lived outside of the Oklahoma metro area let alone the state, let alone the other side of the country... in my dream world, in Vermont.

I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm worried.
I'm even a bit mournful of all that we are leaving behind.

But more than anything the anticipation is KILLING me!

I want to be able to wiggle my little nose and poof! we are all settled in watching the leaves change outside and going on long walks. I want the lump that has been in my chest and the weight on my shoulders to be slowly edging away.

I want to know as each morning comes and each night falls that I did the right thing, made the right choice.

At this moment its all a big mess of worry, and knots and unexpected mountains to be moved.


But as things start ironing their way out, I'm feeling better... I'm feeling like I can start sharing my world with you again!
{your jumping for joy I just know it!}
More posts are coming... LOTS of crock pot Sunday Dinners, due to the fact its been so bloody hot here I cant even think of starting up my oven or even the stove top to cook! {I will save that rant for later}
A bit of Pinteresting things and some Instamoments...
Some ART... yep I said it, A.R.T. and possibly, if your lucky and I'm adventurous, a fun video tutorial and DYI stuff!

I'm not sure what the future holds for me here in Daily Icing Land, I'm not sure what the future holds for me anywhere honestly, but for now, I'm living in this moment.

Anyone out there in the blogverse in Vermont?? Anyone wanna be my new Northern friend?

With ♥ always,