Monday, September 22, 2008

Boy, did we have a KICKIN, WildCat, Rockin & Rollin weekend!!!

Is it really Monday ALREADY!!!!!! UGH.

I dont remeber finishing friday let alone Saturday & Sunday!!! What an INSANE weekend we had! But it was awesomely F-U-N!!!

We ended the week with a ROCKIN football game VS the Windsor Hills BullDogs with the Wildcats winning 56 -8!

& now BOTH my boys are apart of all the Wildcat fun... Austin was asked to be the new Wildcat Mascot!

...He had a TOTAL blast!!

Then it was rise & shine bright & early for the mini Wildcats Soccer Game Saturday morning...

Critter did awesome defending the goal! & even tho the black team lost... we all tried our best... & its SUPER hard to play against 2nd graders!!

Sunday morning we spent at the State Fair... enjoying corndogs, indian tacos & all those other yummy fair goodies!

& then the boys rode rides till they puked!.. well almost...

We then headed home to rest up for one of the single most awesome evenings EVER!!!
I think I have found my calling.... ROLLERDERBY!

Holy cow!!! I am soooooo loving this sport! & for real, I have been looking into how to become a roller girl... so you MAY see me in skates in the near future! That would R-O-C-K!
... I will keep you posted!

So, all in all I had a totally RAD weekend with the fam... & now wish I could just crash allday... but alas there is always work to be done!

Have a rollertastic monday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Finds has Returned!!!!

Well dear friends.... I am slowly getting over my presummer & back to school crazyness!!! Its wierd that your life can get so insane for 4 months & then it takes another month before you finally get back on track... or am I the only one that suffers like that???

ANYHOOOO...... I thought it was high time to get back into the swing of Fridays so here it is, the rebirth of ... FRIDAY FINDS!! I have searched high & low for these really awesome steals & deals for you... OKAY maybe not high & low... AND really not all steals & deals... but here is some really Rad stuff... so check it out!!

First up.....

These really awesome Fingerless gloves found Here on Etsy...

I am IN LOVE with felt right now!!! I have tons of felt beads just calling my name but I am having to much fun playing with them to ever really commit to designing with them!! These gloves are darling!!! & she has so many different ones! They make me long for a rainy day & a cup of warm potato soup!

Running shoes WEDDING CAKE!!!!

Yes... you heard me... ITS CAKE!!!
How crazy is this! I mean I have been asked to make some pretty crazy cakes... but NOTHING like this & there is NO way I could ever do such an amazing job!! Wow... it looks like you could strap those babies on & go for a jog! LOL!!

& last but certainly NOT least... check out this FAB design from ebay designer

It is simply ADORABLE!!!!
The set includes NINE seperate pieces... the corset, undershirt, skirt, sceptre, choker & collar, the mini crown & 3 rose pins that add just the perfect touch!!! I wish it came in my size!!!

Well kiddies thats it for today!... hope you came tired & left INSPIRED!!!

Have a super fantastic weekend!
Chat with you soon!

Luviez! Tawny

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well... its time to unveil the newest designs in my TuTu Collection AND my new product line.. Couture Hats!
Just in time for Halloween!... barely! tee hee!


Modeled by the always darling Xiera & Zella from Crochet*D*Lane... Thank You ladies!!

EURO Clown

Both sets are available for sale on Myspace right now... & soon to hit etsy & ebay!!
I will only recreate these costumes a few times for this halloween season... so grab them while you can cuz once the auctions are over... thats it!

And keep your eye out for tons more rockin party hats... I have loads just sitting here waiting for their photo shoot! :)

I hope everything is simply wonderful in your world! & have a great day!

luviez, tawny

Friday, September 12, 2008

New designs!!!

I feel like I have been stuck in a design rutt lately... I have been swamped with orders... & working my cute little fingers to the bone... but its all been old designs... nothing new!!!

Till now!!!!

I have a ton of really awesome jewels getting ready to hit cyberspace... so keep an eye out! ;)

luviez, :0)Tawny

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, hit the baby with a hammer????


Bella has been obessed with claping games today... ya know, the ones you did on the play ground ...

"Miss Suzie had a steamboat
The steamboat had a bell
Miss Suzie went to heaven
The steamboat went to......" well you get the picture!

So as we are clapping away this evening she starts singing... "patty cake patty cake... smak the baby with hammer... put it in the oven & throw it out the window!!"


So I asked her, "Did you mean roll it pat it mark it with a B & put it in the oven for Baby & Me??"
Oh YEAH!!!! she says... thats the way it goes!! & then gets tickled at herself!

I sure do love that silly girl!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I have been playing in star dust... are you missing me??

I wont tell you much... its a secret... but here are a few hints as to what I have been up to lately...

... the secret to be revealed in a few days....