Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank You....

Well friends... the party is over...
the mess is almost cleaned up... that silly door mouse is stuck to the wall!! ((that was some pretty good jam!))

and poor Alice is exhausted!

So now for the drawings!!!!

For the Alice Necklace.... the winner is..... TRACEY from Stepping off the edge!!
Congrats! just send me your address & necklace length to

For the Eat ME Magnet.... Jen from Haute Whimsy!!
Congrats! just send me your address to

& now for the final surprise giveaway....
My sweet friend Naomi of TuTu Sweet Boutique!!!!!!
Congrats! just send me your address to

Thank You so much for coming to my Tea... & a HUGE thanks toMiss Vannessa for hosting all this Maddness!

Come Back soon!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

An UNBirthday Surprise....

Well the party is coming to an end.... empty tea pots & cookie crumbs litter the floor... & the poor door mouse is stuck to the wall with jam!!

But.... there is time for one more giveaway!!!

Here is the catch... its a surprise!!

could it be another wonderland pretty... or a dainty little tea set??? perhaps a a pocket watch that runs just a TAD late... ((nevermind the jam stains))

Who knows! But thats the fun of it!!

Thank you for joining in this weekend to this fabulously fun & magical tea!
Have an amazing week... & the drawings will be held tomorrow!!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

curiouser & curiouser....... more giveaways??

Have you been enjoying the Tea Party today??? I have had so many magiacal adventures down the rabbit hole my head is spinning!

oh... i almost forgot... can I offer you a cup of tea???

maybe a fairy cake or two???

your not to full up on magic are you???
I hope not.. because here comes another surprise for you!!

Im am keeping the giveaway open till MONDAY night!!! I just cant bear for the party to end... also... Im adding more surprises to the party everyday!!

So keep those comments coming!! & at the end of the party ((monday night)) I will enter EVERYONES name in for a drawing for each prize!!!

Oh... your wondering whats in it for you huh??

It could be turned into a pendant & hung from a chain, OR I make it into a magnet for you... which would you do??
let me know & your name will be added into the drawing for this sweet little goodie!

I hope you stay around for another trip around the table... new tea cups are in order next time i believe!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Lets get this party started!!!

Join me for a MAD tea party....
Pull up a chair & have a sip... but be careful... watch what you nibble we wouldnt want you to shrink down to nothing... or shoot up through the roof!

And now for the giveaway....

Post a comment to this blog & tomorrow evening I will draw a winner!!
More contests to come tomorrow .... so stay tuned kiddies!

Oh.. gotta go for a quick chat with the flowers.. see you tomorrow down the rabbit hole!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Wedding Photo Shoot....

Bella had the opportunity today to model in a wedding shoot for Hobby Lobby... it turned out just beautiful!! ... & what made it even cooler was I "made" all the stuff in it!....

It was 100 degrees out & you never would have known it the kids were champs!!

Im so proud of her!!....


Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Time!

Hello blog world!!!!

Well, Summer is here & in full effect!

And around the Bada Blingg way things are cookin!!!
Custom orders are pouring in! If you need some awesome blingg for your little princess head on over Bada Blingg Designs Etsy to place your order now!

And while your there checkout the awesome princess sale!

ALL Disney Princess Jewels 15% off till July 1st! And any order $50 or more FREE shipping!

Also, dont forget & dont be late... (for a very important date!)
Fanciful Twist Tea Party is right around the corner!!

Keep your eye on the blog for a wonderful slip down the rabbit hole kind of giveaway!!
...coming June 27th