Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of school & other happenings...

Yesterday was the firt day of school... ((Im late sharing this I know... but soon you will find out why...))

Its hard to believe that I have a Freshman ... a 7th grader... a 1st grader & Bella is in PreK! Where has the time gone! I remember when that freshman boy was heading off to his first day of Kindergarden crying his eyes out for me... & now he is almost a man!

& little Miss Bella...

She did great for her first time away from me... a little worried at first but she warmed up real quick...

I think I was much more worried than she was... & I cryed all the way home...

My Big first grader was super ready to start the school year... & even tho he was worried that he would "HATE" 1st grade he hopped in the van & told me all about his rocking first day as a 1st grader! ((he even loved Mrs Cruise... surprise!))

And even more exciting than the first day of school... was the 6 hour stay in the emergancy room with London due to a severe hip sprain durring football practice... I still say my baby is too little for football! but what do I know!! He is mayjorly depressed about it cuz he will miss the first real game & have to be on crutches for a week or so... but I am so thankful it is just a sprain... & I am PRAYING that tonight we wont have any surprises... 3 nights in a row with little to no sleep starts getting to girl!

okay... off to nap!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Candy Corn..... YUMMMM!

Check out my newest Halloween Design!

I am really loving all the Halloween Fun!!!

I am almost done with all my Halloween stuff... be looking for a big clippie set coming in a few days!!!

& dont forget to check out all the other awesome designs in the BowFairies Spookatacular Launch!

Have a Spook~Tastic Day!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Are you ready for some WildCat FOOTBALL!

Well, its finally here... football season is upon us & the testosterone in my house has quadrupled!!!

Friday night was Londons scrimmage... & he was a little nervous you could tell... but all in all he did awesome!
((He's #24))

It took all I had to NOT scream "THATS MY BOY!!!"... when I thought he was doing something good... cuz lets face it... I know NOTHING about football... I just thought it was awesome he was out there holding his own!

Dad couldnt make it to the scrimmage... he had to cater a HUGE event that night... however he kept texting me through out the game & asking me questions about the run route & other things I had NO idea what they were! (TeeHee)

The actual season starts in a couple of weeks... & then it will be like running a taxi service back & forth to games all over the place... but I think I will love every minute of it... cuz I am a MOMMA CAT... its what we do best!

Go Cats!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trick or Treat..... Smell my Feet!

Its time to get ready for my FAVORITE time of year! Around here we start planning out costumes months ahead of time!... I think this year we have all decided to be pirates.... FUN!

I put up a bunch of Costumes on Ebay to get a jump start on Halloween.... & ALL costumes on Ebay will recieve **FREE** Shipping!

& as always.... if you dont see something you like just ask! I am now accepting custom orders again!
And I have some new costume designs in the works.... Cinderella... a Witch with a new funky hat design.... a clown.... & a couple other ones!... So keep checking back!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Following in my footsteps....

When I put the pastery Chef hat on she too wants to be a pastery chef...
And when I am sitting for hours making jewelry for other little girls she never once complains... she just wants beads, or clay or whatever else I am working with...
This weekend Daddy was gone... off to rock out at OzFest with his buddys... & the brothers all had friends over to keep them busy... so the princess & I snuck off in the evenings for pedicures & to the bead shop where she picked out lovely rainbow fiberoptic beads & 2 sweet ladybugs so we could make bestfriend bracelets...
I only have a week left with her... & then she will be off to school & new BFFs & adventures of her own... & when I think about it my heart breaks.
I wont be taking it off anytime soon... she wont let me... but everytime I look at it I am reminded of just how much she sees... & watches me & of how much I will miss her.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Scream... You Scream....


The screams resonated through the house..."I hear the Ice Cream Man!!!!" OMG... the ice cream man... NO WAY!!!

I am at times a tad leary of the ice cream man... Ive seen far to many horror flicks & watch way to much Dateline... but how could I keep my kids from this summers right of passage...
Everytime we hear the little song coming down the street one kiddo runs to stop the van & I am pulling every dollar bill I can find out of my purse & yesterday pair of jeans!
& each time they all get the same things!...

& Its always worth it....

Happy Summer!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bada Blingg Is ON VACATION!!!

I am shutting down etsy... & ebay stuff should be done by tuesday... I need a break!

I am burnt out... I am overrun with back to school & disorderly chaos... I will be online all week
just NOT designing... so if you need me you can still find me around... just NO ORDERS this week folks... you will have to wait till Next monday!

Hope everyone is having a super summer... its almost over!