Sunday, November 30, 2008

Now on Facebook!

So I decided that I need to close down my Bada Blingg MySpace for a short while... I have had some shipping "issues" that I wont get into here but due to the UNRELYABLE post office & my hubby I have some seriously angry customers... UGH! So I thought I would shut down MySpace for a very short while & stick mainly with Etsy... & then start to build a new set of policies & work on my facebook...

You should check it out if you get the chance...Here.

And dont forget... sometime this week I will be posting details on a VDay giveaway!!
So keep checking back!

I hope everyone has an awesome week!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday Sale...

With a tummy full of turkey & a credit card waiting to be maxed I am SOOOOO ready for Black Friday!! There is nothing better than grabing some starbucks & your best gal pal for an early bird dash for barbie dream houses & craftsman tool sets!... & then make sure you return home & have a sit at your computer & check out this awesome deal I have for all my most favorite customers...(thats you!)

& keep an eye out here on the blog... I think its gonna be time for another FANTASIC giveaway... Vday style!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

You say its your birthday!

November kicks me in the butt EVERY year!!!
In a house with 3 november bdays... one each week! & then Thanksgiving... I feel like Im running for 30 days!
& this year has been EXTRA crazy with getting ready for State football Champs & preparing for me to start my new job!
But it has been fun!

Nov 5th was Chris... The kids made him a cookie cake

& then London took the whole family out to dinner... which of course EVERY boy in the house loved!!!! LOL!

& then it was Cjs bday Nov 14th BIG 7 YEARS!!... we had state champs that night so we sat out in the FREEZING cold & watched our Wildcats WIN in the most heart stopping game of the season! I am so proud of you boys!!! (if any of you are reading this!...LOL!)

And then it was on to a super fun day at Incredible Pizza for Critters Bday....

Where we played tons of super cool games...

& watched Brothers race go carts....

& instead of cake Cj just wanted free reign of the dessert buffet! LOL.... so his wish was my comand!

We all had a fun time.... & some of us didnt want to leave!