Monday, April 21, 2008

The PolkaDots are Saving the Planet....

One design at a time!

Come check out all the awesome & totally
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Ladies Who Lunch...

Every day... around 10:45am we start cleaning up toys & getting ready for lunch.... the girls set about putting away dolls... & blocks & tea sets... they remake the bed which they had turned into a club house the hour before... play food is placed back into the play kitchen... & then the tiny pink table is set up for lunch...
They do all this on their own... while I am putting together lunch... which upon request is usually grapes/oranges... turkey meat... & wheat thins... YUMMY!

Today as I rounded the corner from the kitchen to the living room to serve said yummies I am greeted with... "Look!... we made a cafe!"... the fact that my daughter even knows what a cafe is... makes me laugh... but watching them chat with each other & daintly nibble on lunch made me laugh even more!

These 3 little girls that drive each other crazy.. like all friends do... have truely stolen my heart! & I am so lucky that I have gotten to play apart in the women they will become!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Calling all Purse~A~Holics!!!

If you know me.... you will know that I have a handbag for every day of the year!!! I LOVE them!!!

& this awesome designer is one of my favs!!!!

The Southern Bag Lady... Elaines purses are beautifully made & perfect for everyday use... or out on the town! You will for sure get noticed with a Southern Bag Lady bag on your arm!!!

& heres the deal.... EVERY order placed with her from today till NEXT wednesday will put your name into a drawing for a FREE polymer set of your Choice from ME!!!

Bada Blingg

Just let her know that you saw the post on my blog!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What a Magical Weekend!.... a fairies Tale

Hear ye! Hear Ye! Come one & all to bear witness to the magical tale of one who has traveled far & seen much!
I dear readers have spent the weekend trapped in the body of the fairy D'jour...(a giggling, mischivous fairy, who loves all things sparkley & sweet!) surrounded by pirates... by kings & queens... witches & wizards... elfs & knomes... wenches & peasants... & many a mortal!
Entertaining small children with my silliness & tales of my mushroom in winch I live drinking nectar for dinner & catching moonbeams for play!
... but Alas... the week has begun & my wings have faded away.... but here are the memories I have taken with me....

My Best Fairy Friend....

The Royal Parade.... on the way to the wedding... "Long live the King!!! HAZAH!

The beautiful Belly Dancers that tempted me to join them....

My Merfriends.....

The Skrivey Pirates that joined me in my travels....

...and a couple of beings that I cast my fairy charms upon...

I can not wait till the next adventure!