Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Finds....

As you will soon discover, I have developed a true addiction to random images & photos... I thought I would start off my first official blogtastic day by sharing!

Just random thoughts that run through my head..... how can I get my eyeliner to do that!

These have got to be the cutest darn cupcakes I have ever seen! Im hungry

I have GOT to clean my studio... yes THIS is my studio right now.... Im getting to it!!

Well, Im off to clean... yippie.
I wish everyone a lovely Friday & a realaxing weekend!

1 comment:

crochetdlane said...

Those Cuppy Cakes are the cutest!!!! They are so fun!! Your room reminds me of my dining room table!! It looks more like a workshop table! Hubby has his crap on one side and I have my yarn, buttons, thread, etc all on the other side!! YIKES!! I should take a pic of it sometime, but I am afraid it may scare my customers away! LOL!