Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fashion at its FINEST!

This past friday Bella had her first sleep over!!!... she has slept over at her BFFs house before... but Julia has never stayed with us... soooo out of guilt & slight bulling from Cj & Bella both we had a brother/sister sleep over! (how convenient that both sets of siblings are BFFs!)

Bella has had this sleepover planned to the minute for a week now... so we began the evening with a fun splash in the pool... then pizza while watching Hannah Montanna... & finally for the grand finale The Fashion Show!

We had sparkly make up...a pink wig... TONS of costumes & the older bros made us a stage with a curtain, lights & hot pink runway!

The super twins even presented us with an outstanding boys line!...
(yes that is my youngest son in the middle dressed as a Pimp... dont judge me!))

And "The Brothers" got into it as London came up with some fantastic creations & Austin MC'ed the event!.... It was a night to remember!

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