Monday, October 20, 2008

Fashionably late???

Well... here I am a day late & a dollar short AGAIN!!... UGH!
The party started on Saturday & wouldnt you know it friday night the stupid computer started going crazy!!!... Its a CHRISTMAS gift so you can see how it would be totally against any Halloween celebrating!!

But still I truge on with the Spooky spirit... & better late than never I say!!
Let the Bash Begin!!!

Are you hungry??? here are a few yummy Lady Fingers for you... they are delish! the ladies that regretfully donated them arent to pleased however...

& the Monsters are shakin their bootiez on the dance floor... lets go groove!!!

The pumkin carving contest begins in a few!!!

Thanks Miss V for the lovely invite... or rather thank Broomhilda for me!

And guys you HAVE to go check out the most magical blog ever... A Fanciful Twist for the most halloweeniest of fun!


fawndear said...

I was late too. But hey, we're still dancing and having fun. It was a great party and I'm dying to try you lady fingers.


Loved the taste fingers!!!

Happy Halloween
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