Sunday, April 11, 2010

A very late Thank You...

I have been a very bad girl, & a very lazy blogger!!!!
I sat down today with a bit of blog inspiration & realized I had not given a shout out to my friend, & fellow designer/blogger Melissa, who gave me the honor of being her very first designer interview on her fantastic new blog Organized Chaos!!!
{Mel, I am So sorry.. please forgive me!!!}

Organized Chaos is a new adventure for Melissa... & so far she is doing an amazing job!

Im also offering a give away over there in the land of Chaos... a set of my classic princess clippies! This will possibly be the last time I offer them...

So head on over there & check it out!!

Thanks again Melissa for allowing me the honor of being the first to share my passion with you & your readers!!

♥ Tawny

1 comment:

Melissa said...

That's okay Tawny, I forgive you, maybe... he he he. :)
Are you really retiring the princess clippies? I may have to get a set for Joy before they are gone for good!