Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus...the tale of cookbook lust

I have fallen in love. 

Have you seen THIS??!!
Does it make your heart beat fast and your head a little spinnie? Because that's what this does to me.
I want to take this book behind the middle school and get it pregnant.
 Maybe its the cookie sandwich and milk on the cover, or perhaps the striped paper straw, {I'm always a sucker for those!} or possibly its simply the fact that its Thomas Keller.
Thomas. Effing. Keller.
 No matter what it is; this book makes my tummy hungry, my eyes full, and my brain explode with happiness.
   I have been considering for awhile now adding a book review the blog. I have so many books & cookbooks its simply silly. {I sware. 45% of my moving van, nothing but books!} And I would love to start sharing a few of them with you! And it seemed as though the universe was screaming do it NOW!

  I have to be honest however, this particular book I found today while exploring a quaint little indie bookstore in Woodstock. {more about that love later... } I'm pretty sure I had heard The Chef gushing over it at some point, and wanting to get his hands on it... but with the move and settling in, Bouchon Bakery was far from my mind. {gasp!}
 The release date for Bouchon Bakery is Oct 23rd,  ask me how lucky do I feel to have found it 3 days early as well as signed?? Oh, I didn't mentioned it was signed? yeah. eat your hearts out.

Inside its delicious pages lie the secrets to the perfect way to stretch and fold your dough, and the 4 different versions of brioche. This alone might change your life, maybe.

From macaroons, to croissants, and even chocolate chip cookies... I see many hours of blissful whisking and kneading in my future.

{photo credits from Eater}
Be good to each other, and bake fantastic things, or dream of baking fantastic things...

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Moonlyf said...

I was just eyeing this book on now you're tempting me... :-)