Thursday, February 7, 2013

Im over it.

    this post is a whine fest wrapped up in feel sorry for me.

the hubby has left the building.

its just me and the rug rats for the next 10 days. we are on day 4 of this adventure without him.
if you know me you know christopher is what keeps me calm. keeps my brain quiet and my nerves settled. he is my medicine. without him... its not pretty. im not one of those women who can be away from their other half. i would have never survived as a military or oil field wife. i have more respect for those of you who are, than you will ever know.

everyone is fighting. kids screaming and fighting with each other, im screaming and fighting with them, the panic attacks and agoraphobia have set it. i hate being crazy.

most days i can just suck up all the anxiety and go about my day, but today it seems im just here soaking in it. basting in the crazy i like to call it.

i have a few new things i had wanted to post here. other than this feel sorry for me post.

im going to force myself out of the house for a few minutes then im making macarons. the french kind. hopefully that will lift everyones spirits. mine mostly.

here is a picture of a cat all fancied up. it makes me smile.
maybe later i will share the new outside the box diy and a few other things.
love y'all

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