Thursday, August 15, 2013

i think i might vomit.

tomorrow is the 1st day of school. 4th & 6th grade prospectively.
everything is ready. outfits chosen, backpacks filled, supplies supplied.

we have met all teachers, toured all buildings and planned pick up and drop off locations.

we have had talks, about boys, and bullies, and other things that you have to remind them of.

i think i might vomit.

for the last 7 months they have been at my side. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. and no matter how much i have bitched and complained about them always being under foot and never getting any alone time, the thought of them being away from me for 8 hours each day is making it hard to breath.

what if the homeschool i gave them wasn't enough, what if they have fallen behind? what if they don't fit in, cant make friends? what if my artsy, sweet, awkward babies get teased for being that different that i love so much? what if they "fall into the wrong crowd" start smoking and swearing at the elderly?

what if.

what if tomorrow at 7:40am i cant let go.

{p.s. if you want a good cry & a warm heart read this ::sigh::}

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