Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Ladies Who Lunch...

Every day... around 10:45am we start cleaning up toys & getting ready for lunch.... the girls set about putting away dolls... & blocks & tea sets... they remake the bed which they had turned into a club house the hour before... play food is placed back into the play kitchen... & then the tiny pink table is set up for lunch...
They do all this on their own... while I am putting together lunch... which upon request is usually grapes/oranges... turkey meat... & wheat thins... YUMMY!

Today as I rounded the corner from the kitchen to the living room to serve said yummies I am greeted with... "Look!... we made a cafe!"... the fact that my daughter even knows what a cafe is... makes me laugh... but watching them chat with each other & daintly nibble on lunch made me laugh even more!

These 3 little girls that drive each other crazy.. like all friends do... have truely stolen my heart! & I am so lucky that I have gotten to play apart in the women they will become!


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