Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday Cupcakes.... yummmmm

I think that cupcakes are the best way to end any day!... Dont you???

& Saturday cupcakes have become a small tradition in this culinary household... it started out as a way to test new cupcake flavors for the Sweet Eats Menu on the family & whatever guest had shown up that evening.... this week tho was just for a little girl time fun!

Bella & I decided that after an afternoon in the pool we would treat the boys in the house to cupcake night.... it was a blast!

She took such care to decorate each one special for Daddy & brothers!... & snuck a lick or two of frosting on the way!...

I hope that the Saturday Cupcake tradition never ends!!!

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crochetdlane said...

Mmmmm yummy...makes me want to start Saturday Cupcakes as a new tradition over here too!!! ;)