Friday, June 20, 2008

Where O Where has the Queen of Buttercream been hiding??

Well darlings... it seemed as tho I had vanished from the wold of BLOG!!!... I know you were getting worried! HA HA. I guess time has really gotten away from me... after the crazy end of the school year (they do ALOT for Kindergarden Graduation!) & now with Summer Break here & a house full of kids... who can find the time to brush their teeth let alone blog!!!

But really... ALOT has been going on these last few months...

My Baby Boy is growing up.....

My Princess turned 4...

I have made a big "career change" & decided that it was time to shut down The PolkaDots... the funny thing is... the same week I had made that decision... I was asked to join the BEST design group in the whole wide world!The Chicks

.... its funny how the universe works sometimes.... I dont think that this group of women will ever understand how completed I feel having them in my life... what an awesome group of ladies!!

My buisness is growing by leaps & bounds... & I cant wait to see what else is in store for The Queen of Buttercream!

Check out some awesome new stuff...

DiSNeY Princess Clippies

A WHALE of a Necklace SET

Pirate Kitty
I promise I will not be a stranger!


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Sharon said...

AWW... I am so excited that you are a CHICK!!!! Your work is awesome! I should know I have the cutest little Kitty Necklace here just waitng to be modeled! You and your kiddos are such cuties!