Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Finds has Returned!!!!

Well dear friends.... I am slowly getting over my presummer & back to school crazyness!!! Its wierd that your life can get so insane for 4 months & then it takes another month before you finally get back on track... or am I the only one that suffers like that???

ANYHOOOO...... I thought it was high time to get back into the swing of Fridays so here it is, the rebirth of ... FRIDAY FINDS!! I have searched high & low for these really awesome steals & deals for you... OKAY maybe not high & low... AND really not all steals & deals... but here is some really Rad stuff... so check it out!!

First up.....

These really awesome Fingerless gloves found Here on Etsy...

I am IN LOVE with felt right now!!! I have tons of felt beads just calling my name but I am having to much fun playing with them to ever really commit to designing with them!! These gloves are darling!!! & she has so many different ones! They make me long for a rainy day & a cup of warm potato soup!

Running shoes WEDDING CAKE!!!!

Yes... you heard me... ITS CAKE!!!
How crazy is this! I mean I have been asked to make some pretty crazy cakes... but NOTHING like this & there is NO way I could ever do such an amazing job!! Wow... it looks like you could strap those babies on & go for a jog! LOL!!

& last but certainly NOT least... check out this FAB design from ebay designer

It is simply ADORABLE!!!!
The set includes NINE seperate pieces... the corset, undershirt, skirt, sceptre, choker & collar, the mini crown & 3 rose pins that add just the perfect touch!!! I wish it came in my size!!!

Well kiddies thats it for today!... hope you came tired & left INSPIRED!!!

Have a super fantastic weekend!
Chat with you soon!

Luviez! Tawny

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