Monday, September 22, 2008

Boy, did we have a KICKIN, WildCat, Rockin & Rollin weekend!!!

Is it really Monday ALREADY!!!!!! UGH.

I dont remeber finishing friday let alone Saturday & Sunday!!! What an INSANE weekend we had! But it was awesomely F-U-N!!!

We ended the week with a ROCKIN football game VS the Windsor Hills BullDogs with the Wildcats winning 56 -8!

& now BOTH my boys are apart of all the Wildcat fun... Austin was asked to be the new Wildcat Mascot!

...He had a TOTAL blast!!

Then it was rise & shine bright & early for the mini Wildcats Soccer Game Saturday morning...

Critter did awesome defending the goal! & even tho the black team lost... we all tried our best... & its SUPER hard to play against 2nd graders!!

Sunday morning we spent at the State Fair... enjoying corndogs, indian tacos & all those other yummy fair goodies!

& then the boys rode rides till they puked!.. well almost...

We then headed home to rest up for one of the single most awesome evenings EVER!!!
I think I have found my calling.... ROLLERDERBY!

Holy cow!!! I am soooooo loving this sport! & for real, I have been looking into how to become a roller girl... so you MAY see me in skates in the near future! That would R-O-C-K!
... I will keep you posted!

So, all in all I had a totally RAD weekend with the fam... & now wish I could just crash allday... but alas there is always work to be done!

Have a rollertastic monday!

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Amy said...

Sounds like lots of fun! :)