Saturday, July 17, 2010

She will give you cavities... & new things coming!

I cant believe how exhausted I am from work this week!!
Its Art Show time... which means everything everywhere gets covered in glitter & everyone goes crazy, & a bit manic. But Im sure we will all survive! LOL!

And in the midst off all that crazy, sparkling... we brought a new little bit of sugar into our lives!

Meet Miss Maggie!

She is the newest member of the Corrente familia! Our little Chiweenie girl!
we instantly fell in love with her! & Miley even likes her a bit!!
She has added so much happiness & peace to the house... its like we have been waiting for her to complete our big ol family.
Needless to say, we arent getting as much done as we wanted to this weekend... due to all the mandatory snuggling! :)

But I guess I will have to put down the little sugar for a bit, cuz I cant wait to start sharing my new blog features with you!! So keep an eye out for Sunday Dinner recipes... & little sneaks into the super secret, totally amazing Daily Icing EZine!!

♥ Tawny

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