Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I am thankful for...

okay... sooooo I need to catch up!
LOL! But once you read what I am thankful for you will understand the reason for the delay!

Day 11...

I am SO thankful for my friends!

{its a bad pic, I know...}

I dont think I could have made through the rest of this week with out thier support, love and laughter.

Day 12...

Im thankful my knee is NOT broken!

I have to be the single most ungraceful person in the world!
I would love to tell you I hurt my knee while saving a group of old people and a litter of puppies from a burning building while fighting ninjas... but its nothing that cool... long stoy short, I got tangled up in my own pjs and BAM! knee all askew!
But thankfully it is on the mend today and only a sprain!

Day 13...

Today I am thankful for...
Relaxing Saturdays!!

No where to go... and nothing really to do. Ahhhhhhhhh! I LOVE IT!

I hope you all are enjoying the same!
And I hope you are finding a few things to be thankful for!

Be good to each other!
♥ Tawny

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