Friday, June 24, 2011

Its good to see you again....

Hey Guys!!

How the heck are you?
Sorry I have been gone for so darn long! Things have been pretty crazy around my little part of the universe lately!
Those of you that have been checking on me are just the sweetest... its always good to know I am loved!

So where have I been hiding your wondering?? Well I have been lost in wonderful clay and sweet little creatures! {Life threw me another curve ball you see...}

Its funny how you believe the universe is telling you one thing and so you listen and follow... you learn your lessons and BAM! right back to the beginning you go!

Oh! Lolli Studios {formerly Bada Blingg}

What was only intended to be a little side project has blosssomed once again! And its like rekindling a love affair, Im so happy to be squishing away again!

So if you were a fan of the old Bada Blingg Line... your going to go NUTS over Oh! Lolli! I cant wait to share some really awesome new stuff with you guys!

Oh... and I didnt tell you did I... I cant believe I forgot! Where are my manners!... Will you join me for tea tomorrow?

I cant believe its already here! Miss V. and her perfectly magical Tea Party!!
  So join me all weekend for a trip down the rabbit hole! We have tea and sweets and run in the tortoise race! You will join me... wont you?

There will be free things and sparkly things and magic all the way around!

Well, Im off to talk to the flowers... they promised me a dress for the weekend!

See you in Wonderland!

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Candace said...

I DO see that rabbit, but then I'm a bit mad myself just like the Hatter himself! Such a pleasure finding this blog thru the Mad Hatter Tea Party and the post on your dad is so sweet.
Thanks for the invite... !