Saturday, May 5, 2012

I WAS a PC...

Do you know the in the movie Fight Club where the main character moves into the old abandoned house and finds the previous tenants journals, and they all read crazy like...
"I am Jacks over exaggerated imagination..."
 or "I am Jacks swollen pituitary gland..." {ewwww.}

This is how MY crazy journal would read...

"I am Tawny's dead laptop..."
"I am Tawny's continual migraine..."
"I am Tawny's ridiculously complicated mess of a website..."
"I am Tawny's sleepless nights..."
"I am Tawny's narcissistic need of technology..."
"I am Tawny's newish computer..."

Are you getting the idea??

Why do machines run our life?!?!

And why do we let them?

I should have know the end was nigh for my little laptop friend a few months back when all the over heating and typing issues started... I mean really who can blog, or facebook, or fix insanely messed up code on a really stupid website thatmakesyouwanttorunaandscreamand {oops! sorry about that... my emotions got away with me! ;) }
   Where was I..? Oh yes, who can do all the things one needs to do on a daily basis with a computer overheating every 5 minutes and the G & H keys not working... it was like I was a stuttering hillbilly every-time I typed. "I am Tawny's neglected education..."

So now that things are getting back on track... "I am Tawny's giant sigh of relief..." I can get back to life! As soon as I get all my pictures, and documents, and every other piece of vital Corrente information from the poor dead laptop to my newish super computer...
"I am Tawny's giant time suck..."

So get ready for LOTS {and I mean lots} of new posts from me... because I have about a billion new posts ready for you!

"I am Tawny's obsessive compulsive behavior..."

Okay... LETS GO!!!!

Luv, Tawny

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