Wednesday, November 21, 2012

For today I am Thankful {& a Thanksgiving treat...}


Here we are.


I'm not really "into" Thanksgiving normally... and this year is really no exception.
I mean... I LOVE the food prep... pulling out the old recipes, the smell of turkey & stuffing & putting up the tree.
 But for some reason each this time each year I get the holiday blues.
 I hate it. I fight it. but each year mid November I feel that familiar sad, creep in, and here we are.

But I am forcing myself to find something to be grateful for each and everyday. 

So... For TODAY, I am Thankful...

for my husband. ♥
for my kids, both biological and otherwise
for my family
for my health
for my home
for this new adventure
for learning new things about myself
for my friends
for my talents
for my customers
for fuzzy slippers
& blankets
for my kitty
for turning 36 yikes!
for my little "hippie" car
for the mountains
for chocolate cake
for coffee!
for strawberry lip gloss
for my bloggy pals
for yoga pants
for sunrises in Vermont
for twinkle lights
for The Walking Dead
& The Real Housewives...
for my fridge
for my dishwasher
for instagram
for chilly walks holding hands
for pine cone collecting
for the smell of gingerbread
for getting to see my son in exactly 30 days!
for my heater working
for the opportunity to have to much to be thankful for!

  This Thanksgiving is extra strange being away from friends and family... we would normally be preparing for days to have friends and family fill every nook and cranny of our little house in Oklahoma... Adults covering every free inch of sitting space and the living room floor, balancing plates on knees, the men cheering on The Cowboys, the ladies gossiping and preparing for big shopping adventures, and the kids all together in a bedroom eating turkey between taking turns at blowing up whatever zombie GI Joe was attacking on the xbox.
  This year its quiet. Its just us minus 1. and my heart isn't in it.

I hope all of you have a fantastic holiday... I really do! Have a great one for me. Hug your loved ones extra tight for me. give kisses on cheeks and laugh and tell jokes. fight if you have to. just BE with them. :)

Here is a very very simple Thanksgiving recipe for you.... my granny made this EVERY YEAR and for EVERY Holiday.  I have always liked it, but this year... I love it.

Its originally called Ambrosia Salad I think... but growing up we always just called it Pink Stuff... my Granny will tell you she tried to make "Green Stuff" one year but no one would touch the stuff. So Pink it stayed!

I don't really have a good photo of "The Stuff"
so I nabbed one off of Pinterest... so you get the idea
1 tub Cool Whip (16oz)
1 can crushed pineapple drained (small can)
1 tub (8oz) cottage cheese
1 package strawberry jello
Mix together
Seriously. That's all.
My granny says that "other people" add mini marshmallows, maraschino cherries, and walnuts. I think that's crazy, but whatever floats your boat!
I wish you and yours a fantastically blessed Thanksgiving!
And I hope you guys are getting ready for the 3rd annual COOKIEPALOOZA!!
I cant wait! Lots of great recipes and tips for you guys plus a giveaway!
I will have bloggy buttons and other info on Friday!

Be Good to Each Other!

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