Friday, March 7, 2008

A Bit of inspiration....

We all know dear friends that inspiration comes from so many places that one cant really keep track... or at least in my life that would be the case... little things like the way the light is playing on the big pile of junk on my desk... or the smudge of chocolate Tink left on her cheek today when she thought she had gotten away with the MEGA CHOCOLATE CAPER! All of these things stike something in me that cause different reactions... INSPIRATION!!!

I Posted a "challenge" to my boutique group today... find photos that inspire you... & tell me why... now not many of them participated today, & Im sure that I will recieve more over the weekend... but here is what WE found so far...

this is my friday find...i need replace the one i took off kendall's car seat...but i just can't see paying a lot of money for something i think i could make...if i only had a pattern!!

...& if you know Trina.. this is soooo perfect for her little Ms Funky self!

Sadly... that was the only PolkaDot willing to jump in today... but like I said Im sure I will get more over the weekend... & I will keep you posted!

My Friday Finds for today are...


Found on the beautiful blog of PortaBelloPixie:


Found on the amazing blog of AnnaMaria Horner:

okay...I picked these today because... color makes me happy!!! I LOVE color!! I look for the brightest way to do EVERYTHING... I mean from my sunny yellow living room... to my hot pink hair... I commit to color!
& I love whymsy... I believe in fairies & wishes... & being silly for silly's sake!! & even tho is dreary outside my window... when I look at these... it brightens my day!

Okay dear readers... I hope that this tiny bit of inspiration is contagious!
Have an amazing weekend.... CREATE AN AMAZING WEEKEND!!


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crochetdlane said...

O color makes my day too!! I just love color!! Beautiful picture selection!!!