Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I ♥ right now...

From sweet sweater handbags to Halloween decor that will give you cavities; my eyes have had a feast of beautiful things lately & I thought I should share them with you!

Etsy seller Laura Bucci has created the perfect saturday morning coffee accessory! Wont all the moms on the soccer field be jealous of not only my stunning good looks, but also my totally cool & eco friendly coffee jewlery!

Laura has many different cozie designs and colors, and the vintage inspired ones are simply darling! Your saturday morning coffee needs these!

Okay... I was trying to drop a hint to the chef about this bag... I said "oh this would be perfect with my new fall boots!"... I said "honey, look at this adorable bag... isnt it perfect for fall?" and even got a bit more specific when I told him "THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO GET ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!"... his response was "its white... you will kill it the first night you take it to Edna's" UGH. He doesnt understand. So Im gonna treat myself! {insert super big grin here}

Located in Europe NZL Bags on Etsy has soooo many delicious bags! I cant decide.. do I want the cream or the orange?? ..OH or maybe the moss green!! OH LORD the decisions! Get your orders in with her now... because I have a feeling this girl is gonna be BUSY when Christmas rolls around!

Next, I came across this next seller a few days ago... these sweet arm warmers are too freakin cute! And she has soooo many different styles to choose from!

I love to keep my hands all snugglie in my shirts when it gets cold out, and these arm warmers look like they will do the trick! And the sweet button thumb straps are super cute!
These are my favorites from MiloCreative... I may need more than one pair... L♥L!

And now for my paper addiction... OMG. I have been looking for cool, one of a kind, handmade Halloween decorations to add to our Haunted House, and when I came across
Joosy Card Co. I was THRILLED. You see, I have developed a small obession for Marie Antoinette recently and when I saw this banner I was in L♥VE...

No, not for Halloween... but my studio walls are calling for this pink sparkley treat! THIS is what I now have in my etsy basket... and I may grab a few of her uber cute mustaches on sticks {you know I love a good mustache!} or maybe that adorable monster crown!

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Be good to each other & enjoy your week!


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Laura Bucci Handmade said...

Hi Tawny, I really like your blog ... the background and the side details. Thanks so much for sharing my cup cozies with your readers!