Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I want to run and hide...

Here looks like the perfect place dont you think?

Its been one of those months.

The kind of month that makes you want a do over... to jump in bed and pull the covers over your head till it all goes away.
And that makes me really sad because October is so magical... but I cant find the magic anywhere... it must be hiding.

Be good to each other will you... please? For me?
♥ Tawny


Heathen said...

It's not just you, I've noticed the same thing this October. It's just been one thing after another. Kinda sucks the fun out of the holiday spirit doesn't it?

However, I love the place you've chosen to hide!
~ Heathen

Bobbie said...

I so so agree! Is there room for me?

Cellar Door said...

O Daily Icing, methinks you are in need of the October Sure Cure: Purchase one giant bag of Trick or Treat mini candy bars and eat the entire sackful in one sitting.

This I pledge to you: chew-dabbling in the Sure Cure at any time of the year is a delicious renewal of self!

The Blue Faerie said...

The planets are lined up, are they? I'll be good as long as the cosmic forces promise they will be and stop throwing all this STUFF our way. :P

I know what you mean, Tawny. It's been a busy season.