Thursday, January 6, 2011

I awoke and it was 2011... weird.

Can it be possible that I have not posted since THE EVENT?? Reeeaaalllyyyy?


So Christmas has come, and gone, along with New Years... were your holidays wonderful? I hope they were!!

Ours were dreamily perfect; Magical in fact!

Thousands of cookies were baked, traditions were shared, and everyone got exactly what they wanted for Christmas!
And the best part of it all was I was there!
I was there to bake cookies with my daughter all day Christmas Eve... {something that I havent done in 2 years.}
I was there to enjoy a weekend of shopping and coffee and lunches with my amzing husband and had no timeline holding us.
I was given the biggest gift on Dec. 10th
wrapped in the strangest of packages and Im sure not ment to be precious at all, but good golly I am spilling with joy because of!
I have enjoyed every final minute of 2010, and its shocking that becomeing generally unemployed is what it took to make me look at the world around me in such a different way!

I feel like Dorthy returning from OZ, and you were there... and you... AND you!

But enough about that... this post really is about out with the old and in with the new!
2011 is here, and its gonna be a big one folks! I promise!!

{Chris New Years Eve... it was quite the party!}

I have so many new announcements I am bursting at the seams to share them all!
But sweeties you will have to keep checking back often for all the new little tids and bits!!

So my first VERY BIG announcement...

Oh Lolli Boutique is coming soon!
I cant wait to share all the amazing new designs that I have been working on!

Oh! Lolli is a new spin on my business combining my old Bada Blingg line and Lollipops Sugar Shoppe! So many amazing new designs will be debuting in Feburary! Along with tons of new stuff coming to Lollipops... including a big move, to and the addition of a sweet little, dare I tell... vintage trailer!

But Im spilling the beans a bit too much...

So from my cottage to yours... Happy 2011!
May it bring you happiness, luck, and much wealth... no matter how you measure it! ;)

Be good to each other!
♥ Tawny

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