Saturday, September 25, 2010

"...He really loved my mint-oatmeal shaving cream. He couldn't stop eating it..."

Well hello my friends!!

Hows the party going??

I ment to pop on here much much earlier, but motherhood responsiblities called!!
But now I am all snuggled in, fresh batch of brownies in the oven... the little one cuddled up by my side... and Practical Magic on the screen... {of course!!}

And I thought this would be the perfect time for our first giveaway!!!
Your excited arent you???... I knew you would be!

One of my favorite parts of the movie is Sally's botanical shop! It was always a dream of mine to have a sweet little boutique, in a quaint little town... preferably one where people dont shout at me or think Im going to curse them with chicken pox!! LOL!

So honor of Sally & her wonderful little shop Verbena here is our first giveaway!!

Etsy seller Toki of Sea Shore Paradise has been kind enough to offer up to you my sweet friends a batch of her yummy chocolate sugar body scrub!!!
I can only imagine how delicious this smells... and feels on your skin!

So here are the rules...

{1} To enter once... comment on this post

{2} To Enter twice... become a follower of my little blog!

{3} To enter three times... {are you noticing a trend here?}... go to Toki's shop & tell me what other yummy bath products you find!

{4} Fourth entry... Become a fan on my facebook page

{5} Fifth entry... put one of my buttons on your blog!! {{You can choose which one}}

Thats 5 chances to win!!
{I know... im totally awesome!}

Be sure to let me know in the comments how many times you entered!

Winners will be announced Oct.2nd!!

More giveaways coming throughout the whole weekend! So keep coming back!

♥ Tawny

Of course you're going to see me again. We'll grow old together. It's going to be you and me living in a big house... these two old biddies with all these cats. I bet we even die on the same day.


Lisa said...

Oh dang, leaving a comment makes the song go away. hehe Oh well, I'll go back. Such great memories of raiding my brother's music stash and hearing this song (coconut). I am now a follower and would love to be included in your giveaway. :)

Shayleah said...

That choclate budy scrub looks divine...I think I'd have a hard time not eating it! lol

Penny said...

Glad your family responsibilities let up long enough to let you party with us.

Brightest Blessings,

Shaiha said...

What a great blog! I am now following you & not only for the yummy body scrub.

Oh I guess that makes for two entries.

Stop by and visit for a magical giveaway

Gingerbread Goddess said...

My mouth is watering at that scrub. I'll go take a peek.

Love your blog! I'm off to follow you!

Gingerbread Goddess said...

I have to say I picked Gingerbread Sugar as one of the other items I saw in the etsy store. For obvious reasons of course. And I put your link (I'm too new to remember what the cute picture/tab is called. Sorry.)

This party is so fun!!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Dig that chocolate body scrub, great PM posting Kat

Birgit said...

Thanks for the Practical Magic party post! :)

-- Birgit

kristin said...

OMG_ before I read your posts I thought it was going to be about chocolate candy or dessert! That looks yummy enough to eat! :)

kristin said...

I am excited to be following your blog! :)

kristin said...

I am loving her Etsy shop! My favorite is the chocolate body scrub but the Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub looks great too!!!

kristin said...

I am a Facebook fan too! Seeing my trend? Should I have done this all in one comment?

Susan's crafty chaos said...

What a fun party post, thanks for the chance to win :D
I've entered three times, one comment, one follower and one telling you that the Dreamy Lavender Flower Sugar Body Scrub in the shop looks divine :D

Belinda said...

lovely honoring post!!! count me in.
sending sparkles

Aimee Jeffries said...

I would have the same problem with that chocolate soap haha...looks good enough to eat!I'm a new follower :)

Wendy said...

This is why I loved the PM party, seeing new blogs, drooling over pretties and baubles and potions..I SO wanted Sally's shop and I loved how she dressed too. I just discovered your blog and I'm going to be in trouble when I get my paycheck this week at your etsy store. So, I'd love to enter your giveawy. 1)I'm commenting! 2)I became a follower (I saw the light ;) 3)I visited the store and one fave of mine is the Dreamy Lavender sugar body scrub...truly worthy of Gillian and Sally and if you visit my blog, on my scrolling blog button roll (is that how you say it?" I added your button...

Merry meet :)

Sparkster said...

Brownies baking AND a chocolate body scrub?!?!?! Have I died and gone to blog heaven? I think I must have!

I'm going to go with the one entry as much as I'd love to go browse a shop, I'm trying to make sure I check out each party's blog and with over 200...that's A LOT of blogs to check out.

Thank you for making me crave chocolate. I swear I smell brownies now. lol

Faith, trust, and faerie dust!

Susan said...

3 entries...comment, follow and visited the shop
I would love to try ( probably more than the chocolate one LOl) the Moroccan rose scrub.


You can call me Tawny.... said...

Congrats to Wendy!!! You've won!!
Be looking for my email so we can get your prize mailed out to you!!

♥ Tawny