Sunday, September 26, 2010

He will hear my call a mile away. He will whistle my favorite song. He can ride a pony backwards...

Welcome back friends!

You know... there really is a little witch in all of us... it just takes an open mind, and a pure love to hear her...or at least thats what I believe...

I wanted to share my own very magical, very Sally moment with you...

I was 19 years old... it was 1996, so before the movie even came out... years later when I saw the movie in theaters I was floored by the scene with Sally casting her love spell... you see those few years before I had done almost the same thing, but not with hopes of dodging the heartbreak of love, but with the hopes of recovering from loves heartbreak...

Like I said, I was 19, alone... and a mother of two precious little boys. People ask me all the time if I could change the decisions I made back then would I... and the answer is no, my boys have made me who I am today... but thats another story.

One summer night in July of 96, I was at my lowest... my face was finally healing from the rage that had been inflicted upon it, but my heart was another story.

I sat into the wee hours of the night in tears, swearing I would never let another man hurt me... would never again let another man into my heart, & this certain night had found me face down crying out to whatever God would listen...

I knew that for the sake of my children I needed a male role model that would teach them to be the man of my dreams... the man I had always been searching for... the man that would never leave another little girl in the state I was currently in.

So I told the universe that IF I was to ever fall in love again, these were my requirements...
1. that he loves my boys from the moment he lays eyes on them
2. that he treats me like a princess
3. he must bring me flowers for no reason
4. he needs to understand that sometimes I go a little crazy & love me through it
5. he MUST cook, cuz I burn toast
6. he has to make me laugh

I know these were very selfish wishes... I knew how selfish they were at the time, thats why I said them... I thought if the universe wanted me to be happy then damnit, I was going to get prince charming!

I left this place of mourning and continued on my life... with really no thought of that late night "break down".

Then it happened... my best friend came to my door one night, holding a note... and a single rose. I was perplexed needless to say. Then she began to explain... a friend of hers had sent me the rose... he knew a little about what was going on in my life, and really only knew who I was from a picture he had of me that was taken at a dinner party I had attended at his home... {where he had made the whole meal} He said he was drawn to my photo, & asked my friend to send me the flower and the note, which read: "I know your going through some things right now, Im here if you need to go a little crazy, you can call me anytime."

I was floored... & a little freaked out. With no thought of my earlier prayer I thought I would simply stop by his house, & tell him thanks for the flower but I was not in a healthy place to start even a friendship let alone start dating.
The next evening, with the boys in tow, I knocked on his door preparing to do just that... needless to say, from the moment he picked up my 5 month old baby into his arms & spun him around we were not seprate a day... till the night before our wedding. That was 15 years ago.

And though it hasnt been all rainbows and lollipops, he does make me laugh... and he does treat me like a princess... and from the moment he laid eyes on my boys he fell in love.

And now for the give away....

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Be Blessed
♥ Tawny

Can love really travel back in time and heal a broken heart? Was it our joined hands that finally lifted Maria's curse? I'd like to think so. But there are some things I know for certain: always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can.

{sorry this post was so late, I had a family emergency that kept me away from the computer most of the day}


Bobbie said...

You just made a"Prince Charming" believer out of me. Thank you for sharing such a personal story.
And he cooks!!!!

Kelli said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have looked back several posts and just find them all wonderful! Will totally have to make some of them!!!

Thanks for visiting me today!

be true to oneself and blessed you will be!

Susan said...

My tale is very long, and sadly it is not a good one. I was home in NJ and hubby(55) was in CA due to the untimely death of his younger brother(50).

A few things were wrong right away. His niece who told him they would NOT pull the plug on the machinery keeping her brain dead father alive, until my husband arrived and could say goodbye, They KNEW when his flight was leaving and his approximate arrival time.

He called me from the airport letting me know that he had arrived and was heading to the hospital. He called me 45 minutes later. Not ONLY had they already pulled the plug, but they had already had his brother moved to the mortuary. The brothers hadn't seen each other in 18 years*(see below), there were no bad feelings between them, they were just different and never really close.

This was no reason for the slight done to my husband.

My heart already aching, (as his dad had died almost 20 years prior, and just 9 MONTHS prior he lost his mom, he had no family left)totally broke.

A friend of mine came over to keep me company. the kids were young, but not little, and they knew what was going on. anyway hours later I was OVERCOME with such a heavy feeling of dread, a sudden deep sadness, I couldn't shake. In fact I WAS shaking, slightly trembling. I said to my friend, some thing is wrong with Ron! She was like, why? what is going on? I told her, she felt I was just worrying and missing him, and in mourning. *(I should say that 9.5 months before his brother was out here for 4 days so he could spend a little time with his mom before she died, she lived with us. The brothers bonded, and now felt a closeness, that maturity understood and teenage years didn't, plus he totally won my heart and that of the kids, especially our youngest daughter)

I told my friend NO, I KNOW something is wrong, I can FEEL it! this was before cell phones (at least for us) it was May of 1997. I had no way to reach him, I had only to wait to hear from him. My friend offered to stay until I heard from him, I made her go home at 9pm (our time) Finally just before 2am the phone rang. The nephew who was supposed to supply a hotel room for my husband, did not. We were flat broke, we had to scrounge up the money for the airfare and car rental, they knew this also. anyway, he called and said he had been sleeping on the side of the road in his rental car(a Geo, do you know how tiny they are?) That a cop came along, and threatened to give him a ticket, as it is illegal to sleep in your car. My husband like what if the driver is falling asleep behind the wheel, you rather they keep driving and cause an accident, he was like "oh, that explains your attitude you're from NJ" My husband was like what??? then the cop was pissed that his picture was not on his DL, ( we didn't HAVE to have a photo DL in 1997) I asked why he was on the hwy in the first place, he told me about the hotel, not having a room for him, and that he decided to drive down to San Diego and visit his son since the funeral was 4 days away, he come back the day or 2 before. (continued)


Susan said...

I told him I KNEW something was wrong. he didn't believe me, until he came home. there is more to the story like why the niece and nephew were being such pricks, excuse my language. and what else happened on his journey ( including getting chased out of a parking spot in a rest stop for sleeping...the same night) He asked that cop, why are they called rest stops, if you do not let people rest? Good question I say.

I have had many dreams come true, some were more direct, and some used other things that were symbolic. I have also had awake dreams or visions that have come true, not many but a few.

then there is the story of the old Italian grandmother of a friend when I was 16 who read my "cards" (regular playing cards) she stop mid reading and told me "you have the gift" chased her granddaughter-my friend out of the room and spent the next hour or so teaching me things about the cards, general things. she said the rest would come from the person getting the reading, by their card choices, their touching of the cards, and then my mind would put things all together. I haven't read anyone's cards in a very long time. (my strictly christian older brother convinced me, that any of that was against God)

I am not so sure lately of where my relationship with God stands, and I have been questioning my faith for over 5 years now.
That is why I am researching other paths, and learning what I can, hopefully finding my true path along the way. first husband was violent also, I went through a 2nd trimester miscarriage at the age of 19 too. my life overall has been a rough one. but no more talk now.

CONGRATS, on finding the man of your dreams! You are very lucky or blessed or both! LOL

I do not think Ron is the man of my dreams, but I KNOW we are soul mates and meant to be together.

I also do paper crafts so no need to put me in for this drawing. perhaps add an extra chance to the soap. :)

peace n love,

Gingerbread Goddess said...

Your story is really wonderful. Well, not all of it but the fact that you found someone who was looking for you is pretty great.
As far as finding the witch in me. . . Since I was child I guess. I remember talking to trees, feeling presences, being really anchored in nature. And every time I start to stray, something takes my hand and leads me gently back.

Michele Seraphim said...

WOW what a wonderful love story... made me cry. I too am married to my soulmate. I cannot remember a time when I did not know I was a witch but I can tell you a nice story... I use to draw pictures of David Bowie for hours on end and they were never really right... if you know what I mean.

"The reason why you don't know why you are here is because when I was little I sent for you. I cast a spell..."

Well without even knowing it I wanted and believed so much that this man I drew would be my mate... it really came true. My husband looks like David Bowie but just sort of... he actually looks exactly like the pictures I use to draw instead.

I wished for him and after many years of heart ache and men that were terrible he found me and really there were things that all had to fall into place in order for that to happen but that is another whole story.

Thanks for the wonderful post and please enter me in your draw. I am so happy to hear that you found you "wish man"!

You can call me Tawny.... said...

thank you everyone for sharing such magical stories!! Im so touched that you would share these bits of your lives with me!

All my love,

The Blue Faerie said...

Okay, woah. How did I not see these before!? These are awesome! I'm totally in!

And thank you for the beautiful story. It sounds like you have a guy that only a truly magickal love spell could find. :)

You can call me Tawny.... said...

And the winner is... Kelli!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Be looking for my email so I can get your info to Rowena!

♥ Tawny