Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If Im Willie Wonka.... where the heck are my Umpa-lumpas!

Hey there, Hi there, & hello there friends!
Did everyone have a bewitching time at the Practical Magic Blog Party this weekend?

I know I did!!
It was so awesome to see all the talent that just covers the interwebs!
So, with one party under my belt... and the lovely Miss V's party in a few weeks... I had hoped to be able to take a bit of a breather... but alas instead I am up to my wee bitty nose in chocolate orders!!

Im so excited that Lollipops has been received so well! & its online success is just the first step to getting my dream traveling sweet shoppe!!

So can I take a second to brag??
I know its unbecoming... but Im so the proud Momma!!

My little Sugar Shoppe hit the front page today!

Im kvelling!!
I can not believe how fast we are growing! Its like i need a river of chocolate and hundreds of tiny singing men to get it all done!

New Holiday Flavors and Specials are coming next week!
And if you havent gotten your holiday orders in with me yet please do so as soon as you can! I am booking up like crazy!!
oh!! & join my new mailing list for all kinds of Daily Icing AND Lollipops info!

Well Im off to chocolate land!

Be blessed & love one another!

Dont forget you have till friday night at midnight to enter the giveawys!! I cant wait to see who wins!

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Bobbie said...

Front Cover...WOW!!! Congratulations!!!!