Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peek ~A~ Boo!!!

Have you been wondering?? Worried perhaps??
Where oh where has the Tawnykins gone!!!!

Well.... here is the deal... I have been SWAMPED!
Lollipops Sugar Shoppe has been crazy insane!

Its been nonstop!... not that Im complaining!
And of course Im getting everything together for our magical gathering on Saturday... I cant wait to reveal the amazing giveaways & all the other fun stuff I have up my sleeve!

But for now...

I have to go get the party hats ready & grab some limes cuz the next time you see me it will be time for... MIDNIGHT MARGARITAS!!!

♥ Tawny

Oh.... & Im being featured on the Green Eyed Monster blog tomorrow! Head on over there for a chance to win a Lollipops Sugar Shoppe Bodachious Apple.

1 comment:

The Blue Faerie said...

Yeach. I know the feeling of being crazy busy. But I hope you were able to have a good equinox in the middle of it all! :)