Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School Things I ♥ Right Now...

So its that time again. The time of year when you have to shake yourself {and 4 very reluctant children} out of lazy summer days and back into... dare I even say it... SCHOOL! Back to mornings rushing around for shoes, and lunches and headbands that match tights, and homework assignments, and permission slips, and.... *sigh*.

 Here are some really awesome back to schoolish things I ♥ right now!

1. Eco Friendly sandwich bags from my good friend Elaine of Fig Tree Boutique on etsy

2. Who doesn't love pencils made from recycled newspapers! These from TreeSmart are really cool!
3. Water bottles from Lifefactory  are not only BPA free... but helloooo.... they are super cute!

4.  You can add sweet little kawaii faces to ANYTHING and I'm in love, but these sweet little flash cards just about sent me over the moon!
You can purchase the PDF from Typewink ;) on etsy and then get lost in the adorableness of her shop!

5. AubreyPlays {on etsy} is totally right! These lunch bags ARE way cuter than a brown paper bag! And she will even personalize them for you!

6. And who doesn't need this! Made from recycled soda bottles and waterproof! You will never get to class and find your iPad dead again! why? Cuz your backpack + the SUN totally charged it for you! duh.

From Voltaic 

Add a bit of extra cuteness to your daily read...
Grab this sweet cover for your NOOK/Kindle made by Downstairs Designs

So who else is dreading that 6am alarm and complaining kids this week?

Be good to each other!


Eftychia said...

There is worse than that darling... There is: back to work!!

You can call me Tawny.... said...

True... very true! LOL!