Saturday, August 6, 2011

Magical Apron Strings...

Thanks to a break in this heat wave... {its a crisp 95 degrees out today with a lovely cloud cover AND rain!} I was actually able to get in my kitchen and tinker around with some new recipes! I feel almost normal again!

And so with the weather behaving like it should {for a minute or two} I felt like there is no time like the present to share my new blog series with you...

"Apron Strings" Tales from Our Grandmothers Kitchens

   Inspiration for this came a few weeks ago when going through some old family "stuff" at my uncles home, we came across a certain cookbook of my Grannys. I have been looking for this silly old thing for years and to find it tucked away in a nook of my uncles kitchen made my day!
   Its not just any regular old cookbook... this one is THE magical cookbook, the one that I remember flipping through as a little girl. The recipes tucked inside are all gathered from the UMW ladies that make up my childhood memories. {that's United Methodist Women to those of you not in the know!}
It looks pretty unexecptional doesnt it...
   The UMW would host a craft bazzar twice a year, and this cookbook would be for sale at the front table, along with a few sweet treats, made from the recipes contained within!
   Inside its yellowing pages you will find recipes for things like "Crazy Crust Pizza" and "Old Fashioned Chocolate Cookie Sheet Cake" you will even come across a few wonderful recipes for life...
Seriously is this not the sweetest thing ever!

   Each entry was lovingly typed on the church typewriter by Mrs. Melba Minshall the church secretary, there is even a dedication to her in the front of the book!

       So let this begin my very first blog series EVER!
   Each week I plan on making a dish from the cookbook... either sweet, or savory and I will post the end result here! Kind of like my own okie version of The Julie/Julia Project!

    And I would LOVE to hear from you loyal readers! If you have a recipe you would like to see featured here on the blog just shoot it my way! And I would even love a little back story if you have one!  Lets honor those women {or men...} that taught us at their Apron Strings!
Be good to each other!

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sweetheartville said...

I love this idea! I know all about UMWs. Old church cookbooks are the best.