Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One spoon or Two??

   My favorite time of the day is early in the morning... Like 5:30 - 6am~ish... before the kids wake up.
Its quiet, and calm... and The chef and I get to enjoy some awesome chat/snuggle time over a cup o joe!

  If you have been reading this blog for long you will find a few common denominators in almost all my posts... I ♥ mornings and snuggle times with The Chef... I ♥ Coffee {like, with all my little heart} ... and I believe that Vanilla Bean ranks right up there with Fairy Dust {and I ♥ fairy dust!}

So here is my secret to enjoy all three things at once... and its a great way to "re purpose" those pesky empty vanilla bean pods!

There is nothing yummier than Vanilla Bean Sugar!
Okay, there are probably other things equally yummy, but would I have reeled you in with... "there are somethings that are yummier than vanilla sugar, sorry I'm not sharing those?"  No.

  So here is what you Need...

 2 Vanilla Beans
at least 3 cups of granulated sugar...
& an air tight container

 bend and twist the vanilla bean with your hands...{ this gets the beans inside all loosey goosey}
 open the vanilla bean with a knife by splitting down the middle... 
then scrape out some of the seeds by running the back of the knife down the inside of the vanilla bean. 
put the vanilla bean pod and the seeds into the container with the sugar.
 I like to roughly cut my vanilla bean pod into smaller pieces and toss those in there as well... more Vanilla the better in my book!

Then you just pop the lid on the jar, turn on a Bieber tune and shake it baby! Er, um... I mean turn on some totally adult music like Celine Dion and... dear god who am I kidding!
 In about a week {if you have the self control I lack} your sugar will be ready!

Just shake it up every now and again to get all that vanilla goodness incorporated throughout the sugar!

Momma Tip:
*if you use the seeds for a recipe then just chop the pods up and place them in your container!
*tired of buying vanilla extract? {I would tell you what that stuff is really made of but it wouldnt make you happy so I will refrain.} One tablespoon of finished vanilla sugar has the flavor of 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract!


Be good to each other!


The Blue Faerie said...

This sounds delicious! Got any recommendations about what's best to use it on? I bet Vanilla Sugar on scones would taste amazing!

You can call me Tawny.... said...

I put it on my fruit for a yummy summer dessert! Its FANTASTIC on strawberries!
And on gingersnaps! Its yummy on them too!