Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can I finally get that rewind button.... please?

On his first day of kindergarten I packed his sweet little Power Ranger backpack with crayons and markers, and giant pencils... today he grabbed a couple of pens and a spiral notebook.

On his first day of kindergarten he cried when I left him... and so did I  as I sat in the parking lot for 4 hours till school was out... today I was holding back tears as I drove him to school {he gets his car in a few weeks} and he leisurely hopped out and said "Cya Mom."

London Senior 2011-1012

I wonder if he realizes how important today is... his first day of his Senior year. I wonder if he knows how proud I am of him? Or how much I wish I could get back that first day of kindergarten...

Be good to each other...

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Sherry said...

I remember crying so hard after dropping Dani off for her first day of school - my last baby was growing up.
I don't think anyone can understand the grip our children hold on our hearts until they have kids of their own - I know it never dawned on me that my parents felt that way until I felt it myself.
uh-oh - here come the tears