Sunday, January 27, 2013

10 Feet off of Beale...

we have had a roller coaster week.  the emotional kind.

i have felt like poop physically, which means my normal forced joy is better than genuine depression attitude has been on hold, add to that, the complex problems that always come with a big blended family, stubbornness abounding, and to top it all off  knowing my hubby is leaving in a week for california, and i will be alone with the kiddos for 2 weeks in a strange place has my anxiety level at def con 3.

yesterday the mister decided it was time to add a little sunshine to our cloudy outlook... so we headed out for adventures!

our first stop was Beale St... we had the blues, it was the logical place to go.

the gibson guitar factory always puts a smile on my little familias faces, and of course they each found something they don't think they can live without. well, most of them. the drummer in the family seemed unimpressed.

a.schwab is one of my favorite places in memphis. it took all i had to not purchase every sweet tablecloth, apron, napkin, and hankie in the place. and who doesn't love a little voodoo magic!
 {we could really use some of that peaceful vibe oil up in hur!}

have you ever been to tater reds? its like someone peeked into my misters brain and put it all in a store.  a little something for the whole voodoo familia.


we even stopped by a sweet little farmers market in cooper young later in the afternoon, the mister knows what will bring me sunshine! it looked like everyone was packing up for the day, but i did have a quick chat with lovely pastry chef, erica thewis of pistache pastry... i cant wait to go check it out next week when the market is in full swing. guess that means no sleeping in. ;)
so that about does it, sunshine inserted into a cloudy week, and today we are making cream puffs. thats the best way to spend a sunday!
how are yall doin? anything good in your world this weekend?

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