Tuesday, January 22, 2013

california jane... the girl who inspired something new.

meet california jane...

{she is the lovely lady without the hat... if this photo was labeled correctly}

a few years ago my granny gave me the honor of becoming the keeper of the family history, she handed me a shoe box, few envelopes and a couple of barely held together black tar paper photo albums, filled with magic.
 i get lost in old photos, pictures of smiling faces trapped in time at a wedding reception, or those strange baby photos from the 1800's, with little chubby scowls, cheeks tinted pink.  i love them.
  one of the envelopes contained a copy of a family portrait taken in the very early 1900's. my grannys brother had painstakingly gone through records and wrinkles in time to try and name each face in that large 20 to 30 person gathering, and wrote them in chronological order on the back.
  {i really wish i could show you that photo, but it didn't get scanned into my computer before we moved, so its tucked away in storage. insert sad face here.}
 one of those faces in that photo simply jumped out at me, this awkward, smirky smiled girl, maybe 18, maybe 20... standin all sassy in the back row sporting her straw hat and pants and blouse.  i turned the picture over to officially meet my alter ego, {who clearly i got my attitude and fashion sense from ;) } and to my udder joy her name, was California Jane.
  no one can tell me much about "jane" {as she was labeled in the photo above, that was taken with "jenny"}.
 my great uncle john passed away long before i was given these photos, and i think he took the secrets with him, my granny may have known a few years ago, but lately she spends most of her time sorting through her sparkly ear rings and forgetting who i am.
 so i am left with just her face. this california jane.

as i have mentioned before {& im sure you are all getting tired of hearing it} i'm at a strange new adventure in my life, i have been given this amazing gift of time, to rest my mind and recharge myself. and my creative brain is taking advantage of it to the fullest! it began slowly at first, a soft tickle in my finger tips, and has finally come into reality.

i may never get to meet california jane, in so many words, but i feel like she has given me a new idea as to who i am, and want to be. its like that hundred year old smirk is telling me, who cares what they say! just do it! be genuine! be california jane!

so here it is.

a little silly, a little vintage, toss in some circusy type things and you have just a bit of california jane!
im really excited! like lots of exclamation points excited!!! this shop will be a sneak peek into my brain. so step right up! see the man eating chicken & his wife the bearded lady! and pick up a lovely bauble made by the tattooed girl!

i hope you will check it out!

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