Monday, August 4, 2008

Bada Blingg Is ON VACATION!!!

I am shutting down etsy... & ebay stuff should be done by tuesday... I need a break!

I am burnt out... I am overrun with back to school & disorderly chaos... I will be online all week
just NOT designing... so if you need me you can still find me around... just NO ORDERS this week folks... you will have to wait till Next monday!

Hope everyone is having a super summer... its almost over!


crochetdlane said...

Good for you hun!!! I need one of these after I get all caught up!!! ;) Enjoy your break!!! You deserve it!


Dalene said...

Hi There, I just recently came across your website on Bada Blingg on Etsy and found the cutest cat tutu costume ever and I noticed you were out of stock.... Is there ANYWAY you would be able to make one more before halloween? This is a must have for my six year old daughter!!! Please you would be saving me a whole lot of crazyness to find all of the peices to make the same one!!! I would really appreciate it!
A desperate mom who is trying to make her six year old a cute costume for halloween..
Dalene Christensen