Sunday, August 17, 2008

Are you ready for some WildCat FOOTBALL!

Well, its finally here... football season is upon us & the testosterone in my house has quadrupled!!!

Friday night was Londons scrimmage... & he was a little nervous you could tell... but all in all he did awesome!
((He's #24))

It took all I had to NOT scream "THATS MY BOY!!!"... when I thought he was doing something good... cuz lets face it... I know NOTHING about football... I just thought it was awesome he was out there holding his own!

Dad couldnt make it to the scrimmage... he had to cater a HUGE event that night... however he kept texting me through out the game & asking me questions about the run route & other things I had NO idea what they were! (TeeHee)

The actual season starts in a couple of weeks... & then it will be like running a taxi service back & forth to games all over the place... but I think I will love every minute of it... cuz I am a MOMMA CAT... its what we do best!

Go Cats!!

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