Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Dinner... Back to School

Well, the time has come.
BACK to SCHOOL!!! The past couple of weeks around here have been about notebook buying & uniform fittings.

& in the spirit of back to school I thought we {here on the blog} needed a bit of Bento for our Sunday Dinner inspiration!
We are going with bento boxes this year instead of lunch boxes... I have picky eaters... & by that I mean, my kids dont want just normal sandwhiches... & school lunch is well... out of the question {unless its pizza day!}

What is BENTO you ask?? Well, it is the Japanese word for a meal served in a box. Beyond that basic definition though, just about anything goes as to what kind of box or container is used, as well as what is put inside that box...

So to cure the sacklunch boredom we decided to make lunch fun for the kiddos.
It takes a little extra prep time... but its so worth it! grab a few cookie cutters, & other bento accessories {I LOVE Wiltons silicone cupcake molds to seperate side items!} A little bit of art makes healthy eating fun! And its an ecofriendly lunch!

And there are so many adorable bento boxes & accessories out there... we got these... Super Cute huh!

you can find tons of fun Bento boxes & supplies HERE.

So rethink lunch this school year... make it cheap... make it earth friendly.. & make it fun!!

Happy Bentoing!

♥ Tawny


The Blue Faerie said...

Sweet! I just discovered Bento boxes a few weeks ago and am planning on getting one for work. It's such a pain when you have to make aluminum foil separators for Tupperware. :P

GrowingUpBella said...

O___O. So cute.