Monday, August 30, 2010

Well smack my butt & dip me in chocolate!

So, we all know my love of all things CHOCOLATE... hot chocolate, mocha coffee, chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels & potato chips & truffles & bacon &.... well you get the picture!

Thats why when I found THIS

I HAD to have it!!! {And yes I got the coffee flavored also} Its chocolate air! "all chocolate flavor none of the guilt!"

But I dont think I could go this far... actually I KNOW I couldnt go this far, chocolate or not, I have my limits!


Nothing screams "crazy combo" more than a chocolate-covered onion. The taste is obviously comparable to taking a chunk of a raw onion and following up with a bite of Hershey's chocolate. Photo courtesy of Jean-Paul de Guzman via Flickr ... this just makes me think of Shrek!


Made by the insect candy company HOTLIX, which also produces chocolate-covered worms and sugar-encased scorpions, these wafers of white chocolate contain swirls of milk chocolate mixed with a creepy-crawly insect in every bite. Photo courtesy of ...eeewwww!


Yes, this is real: chocolate-covered squid. While Noah Weinstein was cooking squid in his Oakland, California, home, he was intrigued with the thought of covering it with chocolate. First he boiled the squid, then coated them in a spicy chocolate mix. Photo courtesy of Noah Weinstein..... thanks but no thanks Noah!!

However... my birthday is right around the corner {and by that I mean November 20th} & if any of you were just perplexed as what to get me... I must have some of this!!

Holy Monkey Butts!!!!! Vodka??? YES PLEASE!! Bacon?? YOU KNOW IT!! Chocolate??? SOLD AMERICAN!!!

As for tonight... I have a pint of Baskin Robins World Class Chocolate calling my name! Have a sweet night!!

♥ Tawny

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The Blue Faerie said...

What is the deal with making bacon flavored stuff? I smelled a bar of bacon soap at the ren fest last weekend. Holy Gods! It could attract every dog and drunk frat boy within a 5 mile radius!

P.S. I like your title and your use of the phrase "holy monkey butts". :P