Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Baby Baby Ohhhhhh!!!!

I've been kidnapped... taken hostage... held against my will!
Send reinforcments, because in 24hours...

This happens.
Eight, count them... EIGHT... 7 year old girls will ascend upon OKC in a whirlwind of cupcakes and cotton candy... spending the evening in the citys oldest and most premier hotel... sipping soda and undoubtedly squealing uncontrollably at random.

Yes, I have lost my mind. {who are we kidding... that went ALONG time ago}
But there is NOTHING I wont do to put a smile on that little Divas face!

So tomorrow the festvities will finally get under way!
Its going to be a BieberTASTICLY great time!
There will be tons of pics to share... so stay tuned!

And with this madness over I might have a chance to take a breath and share with you some surprises I have up my sleeve! ;)

Have a fantastic friday! See you on the other side!

Be good to each other!
♥ Tawny

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